Feeding Buddy

Mid and South Essex Hospitals Foundation

Are you a patient and caring individual? Then Southend Hospital needs you for this vital role, assisting patients who find it difficult to feed themselves, ensuring their comfort and wellbeing.

Published On: 15/08/2023
About this opportunity from Mid and South Essex Hospitals Foundation

Southend Hospital are looking for Feeding Buddies to help patients who are unable or find it difficult to feed themselves. This is a vital role which directly impacts on a patient’s wellbeing

Key Duties:

Assist with the feeding of patients on wards.
Liaise with trained staff regarding patients’ choice of meals.
Ensure that the appropriate utensil and feeding aids are used at all times.
Speak to patients’ engaging them in conversations during mealtimes.
Feedback to nursing staff regarding patients’ food intake, before leaving the ward area.
Ensure that patients are seated comfortably before the meal starts
Ensure that all patients fed are offered and given choice of fluid refreshments (within reason) and as appropriate.
Volunteers will respect patients’ wishes and report to ward nurses any adverse occurrences.
Volunteers will ensure that patients they feed are left clean and tidy and uneaten food items removed.
Volunteers will feed patients as instructed by the trained nurses on the wards.
All volunteers will be polite and at all times maintain patient’s privacy and dignity.
No volunteers will be asked or involved in moving/handling technique of any patients.
Previous experience of caring for a loved one desirable but not essential


Excellent communication skills
Excellent customer care skills
Excellent listening skills
A kindly nature

Activity Types

General helping | Supporting people and befriending


Employment, Education and Training | Health and Social Care | Older People


Breakfast:7.30-8.30am Lunch: 11.45am-1pm Supper: 4.45-6pm Volunteers must be available for a three-hour training session which is held during office hours

Find out more

For more information about Mid and South Essex Hospitals Foundation and this role, visit them online.

To apply for this role, visit the Volunteer Essex website to register your interest.

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