Sew Easy-to-Make Reusable Sanitary Pads for Refugees and Vulnerable People Around the World

The Pachamama Project

This opportunity allows you to work from home, setting your own time commitment. Join our team and make the world of difference to women and girls who are suffering extreme poverty.

Published On: 12/12/2023
About this opportunity from The Pachamama Project

This is a no-commitment project where our network of over 1,000 volunteers sews reusable sanitary pads (when they can/in their own time).

Volunteers send the Pacha Pads to us at HQ in Chelmsford and we work with partners around the world to distribute them to women, girls and people who menstruate who are suffering extreme period poverty.

We provide the patterns and instructions and can provide fabric, if necessary.

We have a wonderful, kind and supportive community of volunteers in a closed Facebook group and we email regular newsletters so everyone can see where their contributions are going and the impact they are having.

We provide each woman with eight pads in a pretty drawstring bag. Some volunteers sew pads and bags, some just sew pads and others just sew bags.

We provide every recipient of our Pacha Pads with information on how to use and look after the pads and provide information on menstrual hygiene and health in their own language.

One of our partners provides a FreeShop in Lebanon to Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese living in tented settlements. In addition to large distributions of our pads, we also support this charity with donated blankets, shoes and children’s clothing.


Sewing skills from beginner to advanced.

A sewing machine.

Some spare time

Activity Types

Practical Skills | Suitable for under 18


Women’s issues


A volunteer's commitment is entirely up to them - as little or as often, as many or as few pads as they can manage.

Find out more

For more information about The Pachamama Project and this role, visit them online.

To apply for this role, visit the Volunteer Essex website to register your interest.

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