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Are you passionate about helping people in extreme poverty? This is an opportunity to improve their lives and all from the comfort of your own home!

Published On: 12/12/2023
About this opportunity from Tools with a Mission

The main role of a Tool Champion is to be our first contact in their local community. Our Tool Champions are the people that members of the public contact to donate tools. Our Tool Champions collect the donated tools, load them into boxes (easy to get from supermarkets), and store them ready for one of our vans to collect. They then arrange with their local Van Manager for them to be collected by a TWAM van.

Members of the public will contact you via email or phone. We will give you a TWAM email that goes on our website and will only give out your phone number to people who ring our office (because they may not use email). You can then arrange to either pick the tools up from them, or have them dropped off at your house, whichever you prefer. You will then need to store them until the TWAM van comes to you to collect them. This can either be on a rota basis, or when you ring your named Van Manager to ask for a collection.

This is an incredibly rewarding role as you get to meet the general public and share with our story with them. Many are so grateful that we are taking their tools rather than seeing them go to landfill. You’ll get a real buzz from many of the collections.


This role is for you if you are determined to make a difference to the lives of people living in extreme poverty. You will be touched by the stories of hardship you hear and inspired by the difference the tools you send truly make and how they transform those stories. You will change entire communities for the better. That’s the difference you will make.

Tool Champions need to be enthusiastic about what we do and the transforming power of tools. Many people donating tools do so following bereavement, so we need sensitive people willing to stop and talk, rather than rush off. In others words, kind and friendly people! Legally we will also need to check you have adequate motor insurance and your car has an MOT.



Activity Types

General helping | Working from Home


Black and Minority Ethnic Communities | Civic responsibility and communities


Members of the public may email or ring you day or evening, but when you choose to collect is entirely up to you.

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For more information about Tools with a Mission and this role, visit them online.

To apply for this role, visit the Volunteer Essex website to register your interest.

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